Presentation of the book “Croatian Through History and Tradition”

On March 11, 2017, the local museum Ozalj will present Nikola Zrinšćak’s book “Croatia Through History and Tradition” at 18:00.

It is a remarkably valuable work on 264 pages that tells about the history of Croats, taking into account the basic theses of the great historian Vjekoslav Klaić, a work that describes how history and tradition bind and condition.

The research work of the author is extremely noticeable in the traditional, ethnographic and linguistic sense and is certainly important and interesting for every family, especially when describing old customs wedding, chasing, traditional tools, feasts and sacred customs. The author himself states that he wrote the book on the book’s desire to bring Croatian history and tradition to a simple, readable, experiential and illustrative way, and that he would like to be especially used by Croatian displaced persons who have been leaving the birthplace of Draganic for years, and even from our Ozalj region, and now they are occasionally returning to Homeland.

Therefore, we cordially invite you to attend the presentation of the book “Croatia Through History and Tradition”, which you will be able to buy at a promotional price, and everyone present will be able to visit the Ozalj Zavičajni muzej.

We are looking forward to your arrival!