20. Ozaljski Maskenbal

Organized by KUD “Katarina Zrinski” Ozalj and Grad Ozalj, the 20th traditional maskenbal in Ozalj was prepared on 26.02. More than 15 groups have been announced,

The traditional Ozalj maskenbal will be held at Braće Radić Square on Sunday, February 26 at 3 pm. The happy procession will go to the stage from the premises of TZ Ozalj (“Humička”) across the square to the stage where an entertainment program is organized. The jubilee edition will be under the conductor’s baton of radio director Damir Valent, who will, with the help of the inevitable Frenky, share prizes and entertain the crowd.

In addition to the performances of 4 kindergartens and children of lower grades of Primary School Slava Raškaj, adults will also perform – Ozaljski fašuširi, Vrhovacki grinta, Vivodina macadamas, cats from Donji Oštrog Vrh, Association Lipa from Donji Pokuplja, Cat KUD Ključ from Trga and others.

Along with donuts, boiled wine and tea join our fun at the masks, in good company.

Anyone interested in participating, additional information can get and send their emails to: vesnanovosel85 (at) gmail.com.