Strip In Center Ozalj

After the successful last year’s two-day strip workshop and great interest in the comic strips that took place on this occasion in the town of Ozalj, a strip of “Boat on Kupi” will be placed in the center of the town on March 17th.

In this way, there is paid tribute to the great painter Slavi Raškaj, but also to young authors who continue to promote the natural and cultural heritage of Ozalj.

One of them is certainly Josip Stupic, author of the cult “The Wizard of Ozalj” who, in collaboration with Jurica Starešinčić (sketch and shower) and Maj. Marković (paint), made last year’s tape workshop, which will be permanently set for Friday, March 17 besides the office of the Tourist Board Ozalj (the so-called Humička).

The opening ceremony is scheduled for Friday, March 17 at 17:00, and there is a short party in Humički with the authors and all the fans of the comic book.

The strip can be seen on the link.

Please note that the mini-exhibition of comics from the mentioned workshops is in progress at the Žakanje Primary School, and from the following week comics can be viewed by the students of the Elementary School Mahično, and at the very end of the Primary School Raška in Ozalj.