The third lace exhibition in Ozalj

The KUD “Ključ” Square, the Ozalj Zavičajni muzej and Grad Ozalj for you, the valued guests have prepared the third lace exhibition in Ozalj.

At this exhibition you will see the most significant works from six Croatian laurel centers, some of which are part of the world heritage, and some are just intending to become.

Our footprint has started this way and we hope that with the help of enthusiastic work around this exhibition, and others that follow in the coming years, it will further affirm its position in the world of lace.

The Ozalj Provincial Museum as a “factory” and “processor” of cultural heritage will stand and stand at the disposal of anyone who lovingly and proudly works to preserve this heritage of life in lace. We are also at disposal of our dear guests and we hope that this cooperation will continue and intensify in the future.

The specialty of this third Lace Exhibition in Ozlje will be “Sprang Weekend” from May 19 to 21, 2017, where you will be able to learn the Norwegian and Czech model of lacework related to our talis and find out more about its historical development and evolution.

We wish you dear guests to enjoy this exhibition and bring part of this laughing culture to your homes.