Rumobil – 06.05. Roads of Slave Raškaj

Do not miss the following Rumobil train, 06.05. (Saturday) and get to know Ozalj again along the paths of Slave Raškaj and Old Town.

READ OUT RUMOBIL 6th SUNDAY (SUNDAY) – LAND 3: “Slave Raškaj Roads” – Ozalj
10:15 Departure from Zagreb GK
10:52 Arrival in Karlovac
11:33 Arrival in Ozalj
– Tourist tour “Tesla Light with the Traces of Slave Raškaj” (includes a visit to the grave of Slave Raškaj)
13:00 Arrival to Old Town Ozalj
– Presentation of local winemakers and OPGs
13:00 – 15:00 Lunch (Optional)
17:13 Depart from Ozalj
(coming to Zagreb 18:32)
The price for one person leaving from Zagreb Main Station is 50kn, and from Karlovac 20kn and includes a train service and expert guidance.
Kids up to 6 years on this interesting excursion go for free.
Tickets can be purchased at check-in at the main Zagreb and Karlovac stations!