Exhibition “Heaven, Obris, Shadows”

The exhibition “Sky, Edges, Shadows” is the second exhibition of collage by Željka Brguljan in Ozalj.

The exhibition consists of 47 works that clearly and concisely define the author’s work as well as the very name of the exhibition. Background photographs are mostly related to the sky, the distance, the mountains, according to which the contours / people tend to or are directed toward them, while the shadows give a definite and generally unambiguous definition of work.

Figures, or rather, the characters in the collages of Željka Brguljana are very rarely centralized, they are subordinate to the shadows of the sky, the sea and the mountains.

The author thinks that; “There is nothing behind the shadow”, which clearly shows how clear a visa is to creating a collage, a blend of photos. The compounds are extremely precise and technically perfect, and go to perfectionism. The visitor to this exhibition will have the impression that it is an ideal combination, a unique work, which is also the goal of collage.

Because of all this, it is not surprising that Mr Željko Brguljan is today one of the leading Croatian artists in this technique, known in Europe and the USA (a member of HDLU and the American NCS) and we are It is an extraordinary honor to host this exhibition “Sky, Edges, Shadows” in our Gallery of the Ozalj Regional Museum. Especially because of the local view in the author’s works, and because of this indigenous love, which piece is transmitted / brought to Ozalj, which is also fond of him.

The exhibition is open on Saturday 24 June 2017, at 18:00 and the exhibition will remain open until August 6, 2017.