Summer In Ozalj 2017

Another (and hot) summer at the City Baths in Ozalj, below HE Munjar, is just beginning. In July and August we organized several interesting concerts, dancing again with Saša Lugar Riverdancekarlovac, hanging out with fishermen and tasting their hot peppers. We come to Rijeka with the most recent film hit, and in Ozalj it is possible to come by Rumobil train from Zagreb and Karlovac every Saturday.
Join us, come in a good company and bring good vibrations to our beachfront with a view.
All programs are free.
Sponsors – Ozalj Town and the Tourist Board of Ozalj
Media Partners – Trend Radio, TV 4 Rivers, Radio Mrežnica

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PROGRAM 2017 – July
25.6. CONCERT – THE CAT PAWS (Daruvar, rockabilly) @ 21: 30 hours
29.6. Eco Action – Cleaning the Kupa
8.7. ŠOŠTAR PARTY – Concert Brain Holidays (Zagreb, reggae) @ 21:30 h
14.07. Fišijada

15.07. Riverdance
+15.7. RUMOBIL
20.7. River Cinema – Trainspotting 2 @ 21: 00 hours
21.07. Riverdance
22.07. CONCERT – The Bambi Molesters (Sisak, surf-rock) @ 21: 30 hours
+22.7. RUMOBIL