Lovrenče Vivodina

On August 10, Vivodina celebrates his heavenly patron, St. Lover, deacon and martyr.

Traditionally defeated in Vivodina on the occasion of the St. Lovre, and in the people known as Lovrence, this year will take place three days – 10, 12. and August 13th.

Traditionally Lovran on Vivodina will again gather a large number of believers.

On Thursday, the central mass at 11 am will be led by Archbishop of Karlovac – Gorica Josip Kuhtić, and then at 7 pm Massive Evening will be held.

Since every year Vivodina also has the sacrament of the Holy Truth, on Sunday, August 13, at 11 am, there will be a concelebrated Mass. Previously, the liturgy was at 9 o’clock, and the mass in Slovenian at 10 o’clock.

Beside the mass celebrations, pilgrims and visitors are also expected to rejuvenate with local gastronomic specialties and the finest wine of the Vineyard wine cellar.

Every day we will be entertained by musical compositions (10th of August: Crazy Night, 12th of August: Dioniz band and 13th of August: Avangard)