In Jaškov Presented Manifestation “September In The Heart”

For the 3rd consecutive year, at the beginning of September, the event “Rujan u srcu” is held in the PPS destination of the Green Heart of Croatia (Karlovac – Ozalj – Ribnik). This year’s program was presented to journalists on 29 August. in the beautiful park of the Curia in Jaškovo, the seat of the Community Service Provider.

First of all, on Saturday 2.9. the first international inclusive race RUN OF HEART is held. It was presented by the Director of the Community Service Provider Dijana Borović Galović. One of the fastest athletes, blind Henry Wanyoik from Kenya, and guests from Germany and Slovenia will participate in the humanitarian race. 3 stocks have been prepared and can be applied even on the day of the race in Jaškov.

On Sunday 3.9. 2. ŠtrudlaFest is held, a festival of strudels, good tastes and a positive atmosphere, presented by Coordinator Lidija Žganjer Gržetić. This year’s program takes longer and takes place at three locations in Jaškov, where guests can enjoy gourmet and creative workshops for big and small, fun-music programs, fjaker rides and tasting over 50 tasting shrudels. Their products will be presented to 40 booths of various restaurants and local food manufacturers. Branko Ognjenovic will work as “an executed sword”, and actor Mario Valentić will show how a whip can be healthy and tasty. A workshop of “Plitvice Strudel” was also highlighted, led by Gordana Radaković. The jury that will evaluate the competition of professionals in the making of the strudel will be Domagoj Jakopović Ribafish, editor of the portal The Rumobil train from Zagreb and Karlovac can be reached at a price of 40 kn.

An introduction to all of these events is “Strudel Week”, in which 23 restaurants throughout Karlovac County offer various strollers at promotional prices to 3.9. A list and more detailed information can be found on the official website

Weekend after 9.00 and 10.9. the event “September in the Heart” continues in Karlovac, where guests will be able to spend the weekend on Dubovac. The details of the program were quoted by the director of TZ Karlovac Tihana Bakarić. And this year Dubovac will in a unique way become an ideal weekend location for the whole family. During the two days in the fairy-tale environment of the old town of Dubovac, a rich program has been organized – a creative workshop for children and adults, an exhibition of paintings, a competition for the preparation of firewood, presentation of old crafts, a music program and a fire show.

Mayor of Karlovac Damir Mandić emphasized the importance of tourism development and stressed that the Karlovac city with all stakeholders in tourism continues with intensive activities in the further development of tourism, especially raising existing events to higher level and designing new events, as Karlovac’s goal is become the most attractive destination in the continental part of Croatia.

In the end, Ozalj Gordana Lipšinić, mayor, emphasized the importance of branding the destination for such events, networking and linking the public and private sectors, culture, connectivity of art and gastronomy, which ultimately strengthens the entire county. He expressed satisfaction with the co-operation and continuation of the episode in 2015 when a record of the strudel that entered the Guinness Book of Records and the development of StrudlaFesta was set up, and the Community Service Center is now well connected. He also announced a classical music concert in Ozalj 3.9, which will include the young baritone Leon Košavić in the parish church of St. Vitus.

The press conference was attended by:

DAMIR MANDIC – mayor of Karlovac

GORDANA LIPŠINIĆ – mayor of Ozalj town and president of the town of Ozalj

ANDREA NAVIJALIĆ – Deputy Mayor of the City of Karlovac

TIHANA BAKARIĆ – director of Karlovac City of Zagreb and coordinator of PPS destination Green Heart of Croatia

DIJANA BOROVIĆ GALOVIĆ – Director of the Community Service Provider

LIDIJA ŽGANJER GRŽETIĆ – co-ordinator of ŠtrudlaFest

The author of the photo is Igor Čepurkovski.