Rumobil By Train In Ozalj – October 2017

In October, visit Ozalj by train – we prepared 2 interesting arrivals: 14.10. and 21.10.

The first train is a call to all mushroom and autumn fruit lovers, more details about the program 14.10. read on the hose

Departure from Rumobil train from Zagreb GK is 8.02, return from Ozalj 17.33 hours,

The second train is a call to the fans of court balls and dancing. Join the daring team of 21.10 at the Ozalj Museum of Homeland at Ivan Balostek’s Hall of Fame.

Departure Rumobil train from Zagreb GK is at 15.28 and return from Ozalj 21.40 hours.

Tickets are available at the train station for a price of 40 kn – return from Zagreb, 20 kn – return from Karlovac. Children up to 6 years of age are allowed free of charge.