Vincekovo in Ozalj

Saturday / 20. 1. 2018. / Vrhovac – Vivodina

On the occasion of the St. Vinka, the patron saint of winemakers, vineyards and wines, marked on 22 January, successful and working wineries in Vrhovac and Vivodina will be traditionally marked by Vincekovo. It is the habit of doing the first seasonal ripening of the vineyards, blessing the vineyards and hanging sausages on the vineyards for rich yield.

Vrhovac / 14 h – gathering at the winery Željka Guština where sausage beans will be served. After the resurrection and the blessing of the vineyards, a few wine growers visit the wine, and the hosts prepare a cold snack for their guests.

Vivodina / 15 h – Mass at the parish church of St. Lovre after which it goes to the nearby vineyard for the resurrection and the blessing of vineyards. The reunion continues in the fire brigade.

Get acquainted with the Ozaljsko – Vivar Wine Roads, try different wines, visit the sacral heritage of the Vitus church and enjoy the natural beauties of the Ozalj region.