Rumobil By Train In Ozalj 24.3.

In the past year, in which this two-year pilot project began, the RUMOBIL train carried hundreds of hikers who decided to explore the destination and depart for a day from the city of Zagreb. Driving was attended by all age groups, from parents with children to the eldest age, all those who wanted to join in one day and get acquainted with cultural and natural heritage and active vacation: swimming in Kupa river overlooking the Old Town of Ozalj and one of the world’s oldest hydropower plant, Munjar, which looks similar to its appearance to the castle, and was built on the location proposed by Nikola Tesla, or just a short walk along the paths of Catherine and Petar Zrinsko and enjoying the bird’s twinkling. RUMOBIL The Ozalj train is a perfect weekend getaway for all ages, as a journalist wrote, an anonymous travel trip.

This year, by the 31st of August, 15 RUMOBIL trains will be driven to the thematic contents of the harbor destination. The first of this year’s train travels on Saturday, March 24, 2018 and is devoted to the deaf-hearted painter Slavi Raškaj, one of the most important Croatian painters who lived and worked in Ozalj from the 19th and 20th century transition. Train excursions will take you to the projection of the film directed by Dalibor Matanic, “Sto minuta slava”, in the unique ambience of the National Museum located in the Old Town of Ozalj. In the focus of this film is the story of the love of the deafman of the painter Slave Raškaj and of Bele Čikoša, her teacher of painting. Following the projection follows a conversation with producer and actress Sanjom Vejnović.

Before the start of the screening, on the arrival of the train in Ozalj will be organized a professional guided tour “Tesla’s Light Tracks of Slave Raškaj”, which for RUMOBIL train passengers is free.

Other thematic trains will be thematically dedicated to active holidays: cycling, nordic walking, hiking, bathing in the Kupa River with a view and getting to know the cultural, natural and historical heritage of Ozalj – definitely worthy of note is the famous Pavlin monastery from the 17th century. The monastery is open to the public and today serves for spiritual renewal and spiritual exercise, located just 6 km from the town of Ozalj, with its marked hiking trail.

The exact schedule of driving and a more detailed description of the thematic contents can be found on the pages of the Tourist Board of the City of Ozalj and the pages of HŽPP.


Departure from Zagreb GK by regular train 4054 to 13.14, arrival to Karlovac at 14.04.

The departure of a special train from Karlovac is at 14.20, arrival in Ozalj at 14.46.

On return, the bus from Ozalj starts at 21.00, departure of the regular train from Karlovac to 21.28 and arrival at Zagreb GK at 22.18.

The price of transport on the route Zagreb – Ozalj – Zagreb is 40 kn, and on the route Karlovac – Ozalj – Karlovac 20 kn.

Children under 6 are traveling free of charge.


RUMOBIL By train in Ozalj: joy of traveling is part of the international project RUral MOBILITY – rural mobility in European regions affected by demographic changes involving 13 partners from 7 European countries. The project is led by the Ministry of Regional Development and Transport of the Saxony-Anhalt region, and the Croatian Railways Passenger Transport (HŽPP) and the City of Ozalj participate from Croatia.