4.branding Croatia 20.-22.4

The national project “Branding Croatia in the World” – a conference on branding nation, public, cultural and scientific diplomacy – is based on an innovative approach to lectures, a practical and interactive exchange of ideas with examples from experience, opportunities to discuss their own projects and insights into funding and investment opportunities. There will also be discussed about the importance of lobbying, positive thinking, the functioning of the legal state, education and the creation of a stimulating and inspirational climate in entrepreneurship.

The conference is organized by the Petar Ćurić Agency under the auspices of the City of Ozalj and in cooperation with the State Office for Croats outside Croatia, the Croatian Emigrant List, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the County of Karlovac.

We thank the Society of “The Brothers of the Croatian Dragon” at the conferred conference hall

Press accreditation Branding.Hrvatska (at) gmail.com

PRESS / MEDIUM / INFO: 091 532 9405


FRIDAY 20.04.2018.

17: 00-17: 45 Official opening and welcoming speech

(Prefect of Karlovac County, Prof. Damir Jelić, Mayor of Ozalj Gordana Lipšinić, Director of the Croatian Heritage Foundation Mijo Marić, Director of the Provincial Museum of Ozalj, Mayor of Zagreb Philip Croat and Stjepan Bezjak, and Director of the Conference, Mr. Petar Ćurić)

18: 00-19: 15 Great introductory lecture (Prof.Dr.Davor Pavuna)

19: 15-19: 45 Short Presentation (Dr.Josip Stjepandić), President of the Croatian Academic Community of Homeland and Diaspora from Germany

SATURDAY 21.04.2018.

9: 00-9: 30 Presentation of conference attendants

9: 30-11: 00 Lecture 1 (Anja Bauer Minkara)

pause 15 min

11: 15-13: 00 Lecture 2 (Andrija Čolak)

lunch break

15: 30-16: 45 PRESENTATION (Tomislav Antunović)

pause 15 min

17: 00-18: 30 Lecture 3 (Prof. Dr. Goran Bandov)

pause 30 min.

19: 00-20: 00 PRESENTATION 2 (Ashley Colburn)

SUNDAY 22.04.2018.

9: 30: -10: 45 Lecture 4 (Prof. Miroslav Vrankić)

pause 15 min

11: 00-12: 00 PRESENTATION 3 (Marijan Bušić)

Academia Cravatica

12: 00-13: 30 Round table “The state of the media in the Republic of Croatia”

Dr. Marija Selak, MD Nino Raspudić, Višnja Starešina, Paul Bradbury and the chief editor of leading Croatian media

lunch break

16: 00-17: 30 Round Table “Cultural Ambassadors of the Republic of Croatia in the World”

Stjepan Hauser, Nenad Bach (video link), Martina Filjak, Leon Košavić, Franjo Bušić, Zdenka Weber and others.

17: 45-19: 00 Special Address by Mayor Ozalj mr. Sc. Gordana Lipšinić and PRESENTATION “Best of Ozalj!”

19:00 conclusion of the conference, division of diplomas and photography