Rumobil Aktiv – Excursions In Ozalj 12.05. I 26.05.

RUMOBIL AKTIV VLAK will take you on Saturday, May 12th and 26th from Zagreb and Karlovac to organized training and guided Nordic walking tours in Ozalj. In the opinion of experts, Nordic walking is the most appropriate, most accessible and most effective exercise and mode of movement that in the last few years and in Croatia has more and more admirers.

On Saturday, May 12, after training for the beginner group in Ozalj, the Nordic walking tour starts on the Ozalj – Pavlin monastery of Svetica (6 km), and on May 26 after training for the beginner group, the Vrhovac vineyards (6 km) – Vrhovac . The return from Svetica and Vrhovac to Ozalj for those with two hours of walking for a day will be enough, organized by a bus.

More details about the timetable at the link HERE

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