Ozalj and four municipalities participate with money for waste management education

The cooperation agreement on the project “Buy, Use, Clean” is in the unity of the City of Ozalj and the municipalities of Kamanje, Žakanje, Draganić and Ribnik. Together they will make a public call and try to withdraw HRK 445 thousand to educate the population on waste management – sorting and recycling.

– After the agreement is signed, the project application is submitted. We plan for implementation to start in the tenth month of this year. project duration is 18 months. The City of Ozalj and all the municipalities of Kamanje, Žakanje, Draganić and Ribnik need to implement activities in their area of ​​work, with the aim of educating, raising awareness and promoting sustainable waste management, says Ivančica Objadin of the KARLA Development Agency, and Viktor Segrt adds that this will be another from the example that from now on all the cities and municipalities from the Karlovac County area should be coordinated into major capital projects.

– The more local government units are, the more likely they are to pass the project and withdraw money.

The project will be applied to the Ministry of Environment and is expected to successfully withdraw 85 percent of the money needed from the Cohesion Fund. Ozalj and four municipalities need to allocate HRK 66,000 from their budgets.

Source: Radio Mrežnica