Lower lounges for renters in Ozalj

The continuation of the implementation of tourism projects will mark 2019 in Ozalj.
Completion of works on the renewal of abandoned regional schools and the start of the new Visitor Center in Lovići Prekriško is a good news for all nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Since the spring of 2008, the Adrenaline Park has started, which will provide the necessary additional facilities for all visitors and guests of Ozalj. Many will also celebrate the beginning of the first open-air exercise center, which will spring from the spring into a favorite gathering place for all the lovers of active vacation and recreation.
Certainly, we will also highlight the activities that will be carried out within the framework of the River Meeting project that Ozalj will carry out in cooperation with Karlovac and Ogulin, and will enable new multimedia content and information to visitors to the center of Ozalj.

New subsidies were also introduced to all tourism companies in the Ozalj area and it is possible to receive subsidies for the following activities:
– investing in new accommodation capacities
– Promotional activities
– investment and furnishing in tourist facilities (tasting halls, excursion sites, vineyards)
– Adaptation of traditional (autochthonous) objects
– rental of vehicles (scooters, bicycles, boats, ATV / QUAD)
The total amount for tourism support in 2019 remains at 50,000.00 kn.
Tourism support can be used by all those who are in the area of ​​Ozalj, regardless of their place of residence.
For more information on the new Tourism Support Program of the City of Ozalj, please visit www.ozalj.hr

By decision on the amount of the lump sum per bed or per accommodation unit in the camp or facility for robinzing accommodation which is 29.1. the city council of Grad Ozalj has approved the amount of the annual flat-rate income tax based on the renting of apartments, rooms and beds for passengers and tourists is set at 250 kuna per year per one bed.
The amount of annual flat-rate income tax based on the organization of camps is determined in the amount of 300 kuna per year per accommodation unit.
Currently in Ozalj there are registered 20 renters, a total of 126 beds.
The tasks related to the determination and collection of the flat-rate income tax will be performed by the competent organizational unit of the Tax Administration.