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The traditional 22nd Masquerade will be held at Brace Radić Square on Sunday, March 3, starting at 14:00. The happy procession will go to the stage from the premises of TZ Ozalj (popular “Humička”) across the square to the stage where an entertainment program is organized.

The main program starts at 2:30 pm with a children’s maskballe, with kindergarten groups and lower class children of Oz Slava Raškaj. After these, adults will be present at 15:30.

From this year, a special maskenbals jury will decide on the best and most original costumed person, ie the best masked children’s group. Nikola Čulig Frenky, director of the Open University Ozalj Zvonimir Stepinac and Ozalj Mateo Mlačak, mayor will decide who will fall in the title of the masks with the awards sponsored by our sponsors.

The best masked children’s prize is a set of children’s balls, and OPG Jagunić (wine package) and cafe bar Valentino (refreshing drinks) are provided for the most original mask. Pizzeria Lav from Ozalj was awarded the most impressive mask for the jury award.

In the accompanying program the youngest will have fun with the happy duo Magic Dodo and Klaun Darko, who will be premiered at the premier audience in the introductory part of the program.

Special guests 22. were Kraške mažoretkinje and Karlovac drummers Carolosboom.

For the introductory program, free beans, boiled wine and tea are the members of UDVDR – Zrinski and Frankopani.

Free donuts have traditionally been provided by members of KUD Katarina Zrinski Ozalj, who have also created this year’s Fašnik.

Music is chosen by the students who lead the Slavic voice, the Internet Radio of the Slava Raškaj Elementary School.

22.Maskenbal is organized by the City of Ozalj, along with partners KUD “Katarina Zrinski” and UDVDR – the branch of Zrinski and Frankopan Ozalj


Anyone interested in participating in a masked patrol can sign up on February 25 by sending data to ozaljgrad@gmail.com and can get more information on phone 047 / 731-066.


City of Ozalj invites all interested exhibitors (trades and OPGs) to present their products on the mask

to get to the 25th of January at naozaljgrad@gmail.com