Lace and old timers 27.4. in Ozalj

The “Oldschool desant on Ozalj” show has a cult status among lovers of vintage life philosophy on the banks of the river Kupa.
Join the enthusiasts of old cars, bicycles and motorcycles from Croatia and neighboring countries and enjoy the program and social gathering organized on our Swimming Pool With a View,
Meet Ozalj, visit the Native Museum and spend a pleasant Saturday at the City Baths, at the Cup.

Tour of Ozalj National Museum and sightseeing of Old Town Ozalj (optional).

Departure: Zagreb GK 9.52 – Arrival in Karlovac at 10.46, after which passengers cross the train from Karlovac departing from 11.07 and arriving in Ozalj at 11.36.
Return: Ozalj 17. 10 – Arrival in Karlovac at 17.39 and connection immediately upon arriving to Karlovac by train to Zagreb, arrival to Zagreb at 18.25.

Ticket prices:
The price of transport on the Zagreb – Ozalj – Zagreb route is 40 kn, while Karlovac – Ozalj – Karlovac 20 kn.
Children under 6 are traveling free of charge.
Tickets are on sale at the cash registers in Zagreb and Karlovac.

On Saturday, at 18:00, the opening of the Fifth Lace Exhibition in Ozalj, at the Native Museum, is scheduled. Visit the exhibition and enjoy the wealth of our heritage