Autochthonous variety in Vrhovac

For the third year, in cooperation with the Faculty of Agriculture of Zagreb, Ozalj is carrying out a project of identifying and revitalizing the autochthonous Ozaljsko – Vivodina vineyards.

As part of the project, an experimental vineyard has been set up, where the first 50 vineyards will be planted with several autochthonous and rare varieties.
The planting will be held on Monday, 20 May, at the location of the hunting lodge in Vrhovec (Plepelić dvor) at 9:00 am with students of the Faculty of Agriculture and Volunteers.

Numerous, still preserved, centuries-old vineyards have recorded a large number of old, almost spotted varieties.
Genetic analyzes identified seven new genetically unique genes
(autochthonous) plants unique to this vineyard and several exceptionally rare varieties interesting for further research.
Autochthonous varieties were confirmed in the area of ​​Vrhovec, Vivodina, Fratrovac of Ozalj and Svetić Hrašća.

We thank all the others who helped to prepare and maintain the parcels (Ferenac family and others) and the entire team from the Faculty of Agriculture, led by our Ph.D. Domagojem Stupic.
We invite everyone interested to join us on Monday and get acquainted with the secrets of dairy farming