Summer in Ozalj – program

The fourth summer season at the renovated City Bath in Ozalj, below the beautiful HE Munjar with a view of the Old Town, is just beginning. From 15.6. until the middle of August, a diverse program was organized – from classical and entertaining music concerts and movie projections through creative workshops to recreational contents.

At the very beginning, on Saturday 15.6. is already the traditional opening of the season – 13th gathering of lovers in the engines is organized by the bumper Colapis Riders. During this weekend, it is interesting in Ozalj and its surroundings: On Saturdays in the center of Ozalj, in popular Humički, starting from 9:00 starts a series of socializing with Ozalj beekeepers and farmers called Ozaljski med – the first is the award winning OPG Penta, from Ferenacas. In July and Beekeeping Kolić. At the local museum Ozalj, the same day, from 18:00, the opening of the exhibition “Vrlovka after 7000 years” is scheduled.

Traditional event Wine Days in Vivodina are held from the 14th to the 16th of June on the 27th, a special guest is the legendary Mate Bulić, who will perform on Friday 14th of June.

Last weekend in June, 29.6. in the idyllic setting of the Ethno Park at 19:00 will feature the Zagreb String Quartet Porin, organized by the Ozalj Provincial Museum and the Open University Ozalj.

Subsequently, in Ozalj, there is a splendid International Karlovac folklore festival, once again attractive folklore groups perform in the Old Town on Monday 1.7. from 20:00.

In cooperation with the Karlovac Music School, two concerts have been organized – first the participants of the International School of Guitar 2019 present during the school of trained material and then a great performance of the tambura section in the open, within the project “Spas za tamburicu 1-2-3”.

One of the most famous domestic accordion lips, Igor Djeke, currently a member of the cult of the Discipline of Kicevo, will perform the Harp Explosion Concert in Ozalj on the 6th of July in the City Baths.

Again, guests come to Neno Belan & Fiumens, a gathering at the Swimsuit With the lookout scheduled for 19.7.

Lovers of outdoor movies will come to their own, this summer we are watching movies in the Rijeka Cinema Club Karlovac, and in the 2-day term of film hits for the whole family we look at the monument, organized by the agile Karlovac Radar / Film for Outside.

From Karlovac to our guests – with hot Latin rhythms and animation by the water – in July comes again Saša Lugar and River Dance Karlovac team.

We certainly invite you to visit Vrhovac 20.7. – The excellent Ozalj-Vrhovac Trail Race and Old Village Games each year attract more and more visitors to this beautiful village.

Join us, come in a good company and bring positive vibrations to our updated and landscaped Outdoor Swimming Pool.

All programs are free.

Sponsors – Ozalj Town and the Tourist Board of Ozalj

Program 2019

14-16.6. Dani vina u Vivodini

15.6. 13.Collapis party @City swimming area Ozalj

Opening of the exhibition „Vrlovka after 7000 years“ 18:00 @museum Ozalj

OZALJ HONEY vol.1 Štenta 9:00-12:00 @Humička

29.6. Concert „String quarter Porin Zagreb“ 19:00 @Etno park Ozalj

1.7. International folklore festival 20:00 @Old town Ozalj

5.7. Concert „International guitar school 2019“

6.7. Harp Explosion (workshop lip harmonics+performance) @City swimming area Ozalj

OZALJ HONEY vol.2 Kolić 9:00-12:00 @Humička

7.7. Concert „Tamburitza salvation 1-2-3“ 20:30 @Braće Radić Square bb

11-12.7. Film for outside 20:30 @Braće Radić Square bb

13.7. River Dance fitness 16:00 @City swimming area Ozalj

19.7. Concert Neno Belan&Fiumens @City swimming area Ozalj

River Dance Fitness 16:00 @City swimming area Ozalj

20.7. Ozalj-Vrhovac trail/Old village games @Vrhovac

23.7. River cinema @City swimming area Ozalj

27.7. River Dance Fitness 16:00 @City swimming area Ozalj

9-10.8. Film for outside 20:30 @Braće Radić Square bb