With train to Ozalj – july 2019

After the completion of the Rumobil project, three excursion trains will be organized in July, which will drive from Zagreb and Karlovac to Ozalj. All nature lovers and the River Kupa will be able to visit Ozalj by train and cool down on our Swimming Pool With View.

Everyone interested in walking through the “Puteva Slave Raškaj” tour, which includes a tour of Ozalj, the Old Town and the Ozalj Zavičajni muzej and visit the grave of our famous sculptor Slave Raškaj in the courtyard of the church of Sv. Vision, with expert guidance – will have a chance on 13.7. participate in this attractive program.

The second two arriving (July 6th and July 27th) offer visitors a tour of the Ozalj Ethno Park with expert guidance.

Catering at lunchtime (13:30 – 15:00) at the Ozalj Town Bath is provided by Restaurant Žganjer.

Information on excursion trains 6.7., 13.7. and 27.7. 2019th

13.7. Roads of Slave Raškaj / OZALJ – Tourist tour “Tesla Light with Traces of Slave Raškaj” (includes visit to the grave of Slave Raškaj)

6.7. and 27.7. Visit the Ethno Park Ozalj with expert guidance

Ticket price for the Ozalj Museum of Homeland is 10 kn.


Departure: Zagreb GK 9.52 – Arrival in Karlovac at 10.46, after which passengers cross the train from Karlovac departing from 11.07 and arriving in Ozalj at 11.36.

Return: departure from the Ozalj Town Bath 20.30 hrs by bus to Karlovac at the Railway Station, departure from Karlovac 21.28 arrival to Zagreb GK at 22.18 hrs.

Ticket prices:

The price of transport on the Zagreb – Ozalj – Zagreb route is 46 kn and Karlovac – Ozalj – Karlovac 20 kn.

Children under 6 are traveling free of charge.

The charts are coming soon.