The autochthonous variety of Ozalj vineyards

The week between 23-28.6. at the 21st International Congress of Giant Cultures (Thessaloniki, Greece), the results of the research of the identification of old and indigenous grape varieties of the Ozalj-Vivodina vineyard were presented.

Recall that the project is being carried out for the third consecutive year in cooperation with the Faculty of Agriculture and the City of Ozalj, with the help of the advisory services of the Ministry of Agriculture and Wine Producers. The result of the project is confirmed by seven indigenous varieties known only in the area of ​​this vineyard, but also eighteen genotypes (individual vats) which also exist only in this vineyard. The presence of some rare varieties such as the Old Croatian Beline was confirmed. Extremely rare varieties of Pršljivka and Vingor have been confirmed only in Lika and Bilan, Draganela, Teran are varieties of the Kvarner area and Istria.

It is indicative that all these areas with Ozalj are related to the historical and economic influence of Zrinski and Frankopan, and the spread of these species may be the result of historical and economic circumstances of that time. These historical hypotheses are still to be explored and what is certain is that in the mid-19th century there was a “recipe” on Vivodina for wine production called “Vivodina smell”.

The above procedure was discovered by searching the archive of the Economic List, also within this project. The technology of production of this wine implies the already forgotten grape seed technology, which has always been present in the entire Northwestern Croatia.


We hope that in further cooperation with our winemakers in the coming years we will be able to revive this “recipe”, upgrade it with modern technological processes and find interest among consumers for the specific wine of Ozalj.