The “movie for the outside” is coming to Ozalj once again this summer. After a weekend dedicated to the Australian Red Dog, directly from the established world and Croatian festivals – the Berlin Film Festival, as well as the Zagreb Tolerance Festival and the Mediterranean Film Festival in Split – two superb animated works come to the big screen on August 9 and 10 August .

GORDON AND PADDY (Aug. 9 at 9pm) – Police Chief Gord Gordon is preparing for retirement and has to find a new assistant to replace him. The smart muscle of the great sniffer Paddy seems like the ideal candidate. Together, they try to solve Gordon’s last case, the mystery of the missing hazelnuts reported by a local squirrel. Did the cunning fox take them? Gordon and Paddy will find out soon.

JUMPED NINJA (August 10 at 9pm) is a Danish cartoon with broken viewing records. The main character is a boy named Alex who gets a stuffed ninja from his uncle as a gift. The boy soon discovers that the ninja is alive and can help him with school problems. When Alex wants to return his pet’s favor, he learns that the ninja is on a revenge mission, and things get more than complicated. This cartoon is simultaneously being shown across Croatia as part of the Summer in the Network’s Independent Cinema Network program.