Science event in Ozalj 24-25.10.

In addition to the great publishing tradition of the Croatian Matica Center, about 100 active branches occupy an important role in the work of the Matica.

It is for the purpose of their proper appreciation and appreciation of their place in contemporary literature and history of literature and linguistics. The meeting is being held at the premises of the Ozalj Local Museum on October 24 and 25, 2019.

It is well known that the Matrix of Croatia was founded at the time of the Croatian National Revival in the mid-19th century with the purpose of promoting national and cultural identity in the fields of artistic, scientific and spiritual creativity, economy and public life and the care for social development. Today, she is one of the largest and most important publishers of books and magazines in Croatia, organizing numerous cultural and scientific events, scientific symposia, round tables, discussions, professional and scientific lectures and classical music concerts.

Through the activities of the branches of the Croatian Matica, among others, the one in Ozalj, it seeks to revive cultural life in smaller communities, and through their work they contribute to the decentralization of science and culture. With its rich historical significance for Croatian literature and the Croatian language, the town of Ozalj occupies a special place in the activities of the Croatian Matica.