OZALJ HONEY 26.10. – Zeljko Tkalac

We continue with presentations of Ozalj beekeepers in front of Humicka – after OPG Stent and Ivan’s honey – Kolic, on Saturday 26.10. 9-12: 00 hours, the great Željko Tkalac from Vrhovec will offer his products.
Beekeeper Tkalac Željko started beekeeping in the 80’s as a fifteen-year-old – he got his first beehive with bees from his neighbors.

Today it owns 3 stationed apiaries and 2 mobile trucks, with a total of 220 hives.
He graduated from the Beekeeping School in 2005, and in 2012 and 2015 had the highest rated honey at the Karlovac competition.
Since 2003 OPG Tkalac has been working in Vrhovec, which besides bees has 40 pieces of sheep and goats
Contact – 091/576450 or vedran91t@gmail.com
Address – Vrhovac 91