The traditional 23rd Ozalj Masquerade will be held at the Radic Brothers Square on Sunday, February 23rd, starting at 3:00 pm. The merry procession will head towards the stage from the premises of the Ozalj Tourist Board (popular Humicka) across the square to the stage where an entertainment program is organized this year.

In addition to the performances of children’s groups, adults will also perform – Ozalj fashers, Vrhovac grints, Vivodina cats, Red Cross Ozalj and others.

This year’s ceremonial masters are again Nikola Čulig – Frenky from Vrhovec and radio presenter Damir Dado Valent, who will share the awards and entertain everyone gathered.


The introductory program, free beans, mulled wine and tea are credited to UDVDR members – Zrinski and Frankopani Ozalj.

The City of Ozalj provides free donuts.


Traditionally, masquerades will also feature local producers at booths.


23.Maskenbal is organized by the City of Ozalj, with the partners of POU Katarina Zrinski Ozalj and UDVDR – Branch of Zrinski and Frankopan Ozalj


The City of Ozalj invites all interested exhibitors (crafts and OPG) to present their products at the 23rd maskenball of the City of Ozalj to apply at ozaljgrad@gmail.com by February 20th at the latest.