Presentation of the project of autochthonous vine varieties and

of the Plepelić court in Vrhovac 05/02/2020.

In cooperation with the Faculty of Agriculture Zagreb, the City of Ozalj has been implementing since 2016
project for identification and revitalization of autochthonous Ozalj – Vivodina varieties
vineyards. Numerous, still preserved, centuries-old vineyards have been recorded
old, almost extinct varieties. Genetic analyzes have identified seven new ones, genetically
unique (indigenous) vineyards unique only to these vineyards and a few extremely rare
varieties of interest for further research. Indigenous varieties have been confirmed in the area
Vrhovec, Vivodina, Fratrovci of Ozalj and Holy Hrast.
As part of the project, the construction of an experimental vineyard in Vrhovac was organized
which was planted in May 2019 with the first 50 vines of several so far identified
indigenous and rare varieties.
Also, last year the City of Ozalj was again donated by the Ministry of State Property
acquired the historic Plepelić court in Vrhovac. At that location, along
an experimental vineyard is planned to house a future Research and Education Center
for winemaking and hunting, with museum collections of winemaking and hunting.
About a research project on varieties and activities prepared for the development of hunting and winemaking
in the Ozalj area, at Plepelić Palace on Wednesday 5.2. from 5pm the Dean will speak
Faculty of Agriculture Zoran Grgić, Project Manager Assistant Professor Domagoj Stupić, Ph.D.
from the Faculty of Agriculture, scientists of the Institute of Viticulture and Enology and
Department of Fisheries, Beekeeping, Hunting and Special Zoology, Faculty of Agriculture
Zagreb, and the Mayor of Ozalj, M.Sc. Gordana Lipšinić