At the Plepelić mansion in Vrhovac, once owned by the Zrinski and Frankopan families, the property of the City of Ozalj became a donation from the Ministry of State Property last year, on Wednesday, 05/02/2020. An expert meeting was held on the revitalization of indigenous grape varieties and activities prepared for the development of hunting and winemaking in the Ozalj region, as well as for the new purpose of the curia.

In addition to the project leader, Doc.Domagoja Stupić, the guests at the presentation were Ph.D. Maja Žulj Mihaljević, Department of Genetics, Plant Breeding and Biometrics and Prof. Ph.D. Darko Preiner, Head of the Department of Viticulture and Enology

Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb were also Nikica Šprem, Department of Fisheries, Beekeeping, Hunting and Special Zoology, (Vice-Dean for Scientific Infrastructure and AF Fields in Zg) Ivan Vnučec, Department of Special Animal Husbandry, (Vice-Dean for the organization and quality of AF in Zg).

The chronology of activities related to Plepelic Palace was presented by Mayor M.Sc. Gordana Lipšinić, and last night the presidents of Ozalj wine associations Stjepan Čulig and Lovra Guštin spoke, as well as Ivan Valčić from the Zec Vrhovac Hunting Society, who were excellent hosts.

We thank all partners and look forward to continuing the activity – first of all the second phase of the project of revitalization of indigenous varieties and the experimental vineyard, and then all the agreed collaborations and networking.