For the fifth year in a row, in Ozalj we mark March as the month of our famous painter.
Slava Raškaj was extremely fond of nature and spring, as evidenced by her numerous pictures with the motifs of spring in Ozalj.
The town of Ozalj traditionally pays tribute to the ingenious painter in March, and with this program we proudly recall her masterpieces, from which she draws inspiration, along with numerous lovers of art and nature, from all over. Visit Ozalj in March, enjoy nature as it enjoyed Glory…


05.03. (Thursday) // 18:00 Ozalj watercolor verse @ Ozalj City Library
08.03. (Saturday) // 9: 00-12: 00 hours OPG Meserko Mili mali garlic + OPG Slijepcevic @ Humicka, Ozalj

12:03. (Thursday) // 18:00 Library Quiz: Painting and Popular Culture @ Ozalj City Library
13. 03. (Friday) // 10:00 – Opening of the watercolor exhibition of children of the educational group “Ježići” on the theme: “Glory in kindergarten” @ Kindergarten Zvončić Ozalj
(The exhibition will be opened by Stjepan Bezjak with a short lecture on the life and work of Slava Raškaj. The exhibition will be held until March 31st.)
14:03. (Saturday) // 9: 00-12: 00 Honey sessions vol.5 – Denis Balic @ Humicka, Ozalj
13-15.3. // Presentation of the Impressionism Route @Sajam Place2Go, Zagreb

16. 03. (monday) // 10:00 am – presentation and retelling of the booklet “Six walks of Slava Raškaj” @ Kindergarten Zvončić Ozalj
17. 03. (Tuesday) // 10: 00 h Workshop “Sign language – learn a few words in sign language used by deaf people” @ Kindergarten Zvončić Ozalj
(workshop is led by Lucija Lesić, speech therapist from Ozalj Community Service Center)
19. 03. (Thursday) // 18: 00 Exhibition of works by Krešimir Zimonić @ Ozalj City Library
all day activities on the topic Slava Raškaj in the group “Ježići” @ Kindergarten Zvončić Ozalj
20.-21.03. Music Night / Coffee with Bach
21:03. (Saturday) // 9:00 – 12:00 Honey sessions vol.6 – Denis Balic @ Humicka, Ozalj
// 10:00 Routes of Raškaj Glory Roads (departure from Ozalj City Bath)
// 18:00 Tihomir Razum Landscape Exhibition @ Ozalj Local Museum at 18:00

27.03. (friday) // 9:00 School Day / Awards ceremony for Slavina Young Watercolors @ Elementary School Slava Raškaj Ozalj
// 18: 00 DND Ozalj Chat Room @ Ozalj Local Museum
28.03. (Saturday) Paint & Wine @ OPG Čulig, Vrhovac

Slava Raškaj was born in Ozalj on 2 January 1877. Although she was born deaf, this did not prevent her from creating exceptional works of art. Her watercolors represent the highest reach of Croatian watercolor painting in the late 19th and early 20th centuries (“Pears”, “Lopoči”, “Sunflowers”, “Potočnice” …). Apart from watercolor, she made some works in pastel technique, mostly works with human motifs and portraits (“Portrait of a deaf girl” …).
She died in Zagreb on March 29, 1906, and her remains are in the cincture of St. Vitus Church in Ozalj.
Thanks to the heritage of the great painter, the City of Ozalj has been on the European Impressionism Route since 2019, being the first city in Croatia.