Vivodina 12-14.06.2020.

The Association of Winegrowers, Winemakers and Fruit Growers Ozalj is organizing the 28th exhibition of wine “Vivodina 2020” in Vivodina from Friday to Sunday. Holy Mass will be served on Friday at 7:30 PM, and KUD “Vivodina” will perform at 8:30 PM. The awarding of medals to the best rated wines starts at 9 pm, and from 10 pm there will be a party with “Rečićke sokole”. On Saturday at 2 pm there will be a “12. Gastrolov ”, a competition of chefs of hunters of the Hunting Association of Karlovac County, and in the entertainment part the group“ Luda noć ”will perform. On Sunday from 4 pm, there will be a folk festivity and entertainment program with the tamburitza ensemble “Media band”. All three days of the event will be a tasting of rated wines.