Ozalj and Vrhovac Trail 2020

We invite you to the fifth edition of Ozalj and Vrhovac Trail weft. The race is a journey through the beautiful landscape of the Vrhovac hills intertwined with vineyards and a wooded part to Lović hill, which at the very top has a beautiful view of the Kupa valley towards the old town of Ozalj.

Those more prepared and experienced runners can expect a track of 23.5 km, and for other runners a track of 16 km, for runners, recreational runners, mountaineers, walkers shorter than 7.5 km. The trails will be fully marked, volunteers will be placed in critical places or that part of the trail will be marked with additional signposts.

Organizer: Sports Association Vrhovac
Organizer numbers:
Branko 091/5657 662

e-mail: vrhovactrail@gmail.com

Date: Saturday, July 25, 2020
• Duga (23.5 km) – registration from 7: 00-8: 45, start at 9:00 (max. Number of competitors is 70)
• Short (16 km) – registration from 7: 00-9: 15, start at 9:30 (max. Number of competitors is 130)
• Recreational (7.5 km) – registration from 7: 00-9: 30, start at 9:45 (max number of competitors 100)

Start and finish: At the church in Vrhovec




Mandatory equipment: clothing and footwear in accordance with the weather forecast, mobile phone (with the number entered in the application), assigned start number
In case of cancellation, be sure to contact the organizer.

Race entries: pre-entries are accepted exclusively via

https://www.stotinka.hr/hrv/dogadjaj/1217 .

The application is confirmed by paying the entry fee.

Entry fee:
• registration and payment by July 15, 2020 – 100 kn, after that 150 kn
• after 15.7. possible registrations and payments without the possibility of obtaining a starter pack
• registrations are closed in case of the maximum number of runners with paid entry fee
• Foreign nationals pay the entry fee on the day of the race
The entry fee of 100/150 kn is paid to the bank account:
Sports Association Vrhovac
IBAN: HR5524000081102171170
Description of payment: “Name and Surname / category” of one or more competitors

The entry fee includes the organization of the race, the competition number, liquid, fruit and biscuits at the refreshment stations, and a snack after the race.

For non-compliance with these rules, competitors will be disqualified:
1. Competitors must follow the marked route according to their race. It is forbidden to use off-track routes and shorten the track.
2. Competitors compete at their own risk.
3. Competitors must wear all required equipment.
4. Competitors must wear the start number throughout the race, on the chest or abdomen.
5. All competitors who withdraw are obliged to inform the organizer by sending an SMS with their competition number, name and surname.
6. All minors may participate only with the written consent and responsibility of their parents.

Sports prizes will be provided for the first three places in the women’s and men’s categories. The categories are:
1. up to 35 years of age
2. from 35 to 50 years of age
3. over 50 years of age

By registering and paying the entry fee, the competitors gave their consent to the use of personal data to the organizer when publishing the results, displaying and storing photos and videos exclusively for the promotion of the race.

All runners are required to adhere to the epidemiological measures in force at the time.