Following SLAVA RAŠKAJ traces 29.08.

“Tesla’s light in the footsteps of Slava Raškaj” is a cultural and tourist product that integrates cultural and historical heritage with tourist eno-gastronomic offer within the local community with the aim of branding and positioning Ozalj on the tourist map of Croatia and Europe – Ozalj is the first city in Croatia located on the Impressionism Route of the Council of Europe, precisely because of the heritage of Slava Raškaj. The goal of this route is to connect the cultural heritage of Ozalj (Old Town of Ozalj, Ozalj Homeland Museum, Munjara, Ethno Park Ozalj, Church of St. Vitus) with the work and life of Slava Raškaj – a walk through Ozalj and a tour of the original places where Slava Raškaj created, with interpretation and presentation. Visitors pass through the Kupa Valley of Light and Water, whose resources Nikola Tesla himself wanted to shape and restrain, and his patents were ultimately used in “Munjara grada Karlovac”, a masterpiece of Neo-Renaissance construction by Hermann Bolle and Valerian Rieszner. At the end of the route, visitors were presented and offered dishes based on energy values ​​advocated by Tesla himself, and in line with the historical and eno-gastronomic offer of the region (Katarina Zrinska cake, walnut and grape strudels …). This route will be an overture to the magical Strudel Week in Karlovac County 2020.

The route includes a tour: Ozalj Ethno Park – HPP Munjara (city beach, bridge over the Kupa) – Emili Laszowski promenade – Church of St. Vitus and the tomb of Slava Raškaj – Ozalj Old Town and Ozalj Homeland Museum

Price – 30 kn / person includes professional guidance and a ticket to the Ozalj Homeland Museum (payment upon arrival)

Departure – in the Ethno Park Ozalj from 9:30 am

Duration – 2 hours

Catering – Restaurant Žganjer

Send confirmation of arrival by e-mail