After last year’s gathering (in Obrež Vivodinski and Lović Prekriško on October 5 and 6, 2019), great changes in our lives caused by the pandemic, as never before – the Art-Scientific Conference Land Art, Earth Art, Earthworks: z Earth and the Anthropocene. It will unite artists and theorists in an in situ event in cooperation with the City of Ozalj and the organization of the Academy of Fine Arts of the University of Zagreb, the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

As the host, the city of Ozalj will provide the best it has – nature, tradition and hospitality.

From 9:30 am in Obrež Vivodinski on Sunday 25.10. will perform land art works:

Ivana Ožetski, Ph.D. fine arts, freelance multimedia artist

Nataša Hrust, B.Sc. graphic designer

Ana Maria Maravić, ALU student

Ivan Mesek prof. fine arts, multimedia artist, director of the City Museum of Varaždin

Tomislav Pletenac, PhD, full professor at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb and external teaching associate at the Academy of Fine Arts

Alen Novoselec, Ph.D. of Fine Arts, multimedia artist, Assoc. ALU OKIRU, Vice Dean for ALU Operations and Project Manager


By including a neglected old school, a chapel, the Kupa River, trees, meadows, the sky, the earth, animals and people of good will – an effort will be made to draw attention to the fundamental values ​​of the survival of all living beings on this Earth.