Director of the Kupa Tourist Board elected

After the competition was conducted, he was elected and confirmed by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Republic of Croatia and from 01 February 2021 he took over as director of the Tourist Board of the Kupa Region Toni Šarić. Since 01.07.2015. he worked and carried out numerous tourism projects and activities, as head of the Department of Economy and Projects of the City of Ozalia and later expert associate for projects and economy. He is a graduate economist, and from his biography we highlight the job of marketing manager of hotel Villa Lenije in Vinkovci, as well as the role of founder and artistic director of the DORF Documentary Rock Film Festival from 2007 to the present day.

To remind you, since March 2014, the Tourist Board of the City of Ozalia has no employees, but nevertheless all planned activities were carried out in accordance with the needs of the tourist destination and the interests of the members of the tourist board. In September 2019, the Founding (Election) Assembly of the Tourist Board of the Kupa area was held in Ozalia. Members are the City of Ozalj and the municipalities of Kamanje, Žakanje, Ribnik, Draganić and Lasinja. Gordana Lipšinić, mayor of the City of Ozalia, serves the first term of the President of the Tourist Board of the Kupa Area, followed by municipal chiefs in alphabetical order.

The new tourist office of TZP Kupa has started working in the premises at Kurilovac 8a (popular Humićka) in Ozallje, and follow the activities in more detail on social networks (Facebook/Instagram) and the .