Sixth year programs dedicated to the memory of the great painter Slava Raškaj // Exhibitions, quiz, tourist route, exhibitions of children’s works with accompanying program

Slava Raškaj was extremely fond of nature and spring, as evidenced by her numerous paintings with motifs of spring in Ozalj and in nature. The city of Ozalj traditionally pays tribute to the genius painter in March, and with this program she proudly remembers her masterpieces, along with many art lovers from all over.

On Saturday, March 13, in the Ozalj Homeland Museum. from 6 pm with his solo exhibition of landscapes to present the academic painter Krešimir Mikšić for the first time.
Guests who come in March will – accompanied by a guide from the Homeland Museum Ozalj – 20.03. and 27.03. pass the tourist route “Roads of Glory Raskaj”. Tickets at the price of 20 kn, which also allow a visit to the museum, will be available at the starting point, which is the Ethno Park Ozalj.

In the elementary school Slava Raškaj 15.03. A special chat room was organized, dedicated to the new picture book “Six Walks of Slava Raškaj” by Sanja Lovrenčić (Small Bells, 2019), which will be introduced to lower primary school students. The 7th international art competition Slavina’s young watercolorists has a literary illustration as its theme, marking the Year of Reading. This year, the deadline for submission of works due to the pandemic has been extended until April 30, 2021. An exhibition of the works will be available in May, available on the website, with a presentation with photos of the awarded and commended works.

After a long break, a new opportunity to test knowledge and have fun – in the City Library and Reading Room of Ivan Belostenac – a growing number of interested participants in the cult Ozalj quizzes is a special edition scheduled for March 18, dedicated to painting and art.
As part of the project “Let’s add life to the years” organized by the Red Cross Ozalj in the City Library prepared an interesting lecture on the life and work of Slava Raškaj, intended primarily for the elderly.

As part of the project “Meeting with the river” in the center of Ozalj (in front of the popular Humićka), a multimedia information center has been set up, where interesting exhibitions will be presented. Every week, visitors will be able to see the works of the groups Bubamara and Vrapčići from the Zvončić Kindergarten, then paintings by Slava Raškaj from the holdings of the Ozalj Homeland Museum and finally photos from the Land Art Ozalj project conducted by the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts in Obrež Vivodinski and Lović Prekriški.

We also emphasize the traditional Way of the Cross Ozalj – Svetice, which this year is held for the 24th time on Palm Sunday, March 28. organized by UDVDR RH PKŽ Zrinski and Frankopan Ozalj Branch and Ozalj parish priest Rev. Josip Jakovčić, departing at 3 pm in front of the Parish Church of St. Vid Ozalj.

Slava Raškaj was born in Ozalj on January 2, 1877. Although she was born deaf-mute, this did not prevent her from creating exceptional works of art. Her watercolors represent the highest achievement of Croatian watercolor painting at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century (“Kruške”, “Lopoči”, “Suncokreti”, “Potočnice”…). Apart from watercolors, she made some works in the pastel technique, mostly works with human motifs and portraits (“Portrait of a Deaf-mute Girl”…).
She died in Zagreb on March 29, 1906, and her remains are in the cemetery of the church of St. Vid in Ozalj.


13.03. Landscape exhibition by academic painter Krešimir Nikšić @ Homeland Museum 18:00
15.03. Chat room – picture book Six walks of Slava Raškaj @ Elementary school Slave Raškaj 10:00
18.03. Painting quiz @ Ozalj City Library, 18:00
19.03. Lecture on Slava Raškaj @ Ozalj City Library, 18:00

20.03. Putevima Slave Raškaj – story of water 10:00 (3-4 hours)
27.03. Putevima Slave Raškaj – story of flowers 10:00 (3-4 hours)

08-14.03. E-Exhibition of works – picture book by the group Bubamara and Vrapčići @MIC
15-21.03. E-Exhibition – Slave Raškaj from the holdings of the Homeland Museum Ozalj @ MIC
22-31.03. E-Photo Exhibition Land Art Ozalj @ MIC

28.03. The Way of the Cross Ozalj – Svetice