Slava Raškaj roads 20.03 I 27.03.

This year’s first routes, the Roads of Slava Raškaj, with expert guidance from the Ethno Park to the Old Town – pleasant walks along the Cup – are scheduled for March 20. and 27.03. The start is from 10:00 am, in front of the Ethno Park Ozalj ??. We invite all interested to contact for great interest, so we can organize the program. .Catering is provided by Restaurant Žganjer, and the price of the package of 20 kn includes professional guidance and a ticket to the Homeland Museum Ozalj.
For all those who plan to come from Zagreb, we suggest contacting the Association for the Promotion of Creativity GEA, Gordana Maravić 095-5365852 or, for an organized arrival – a day trip with departure at 08:00 (from the parking lot behind Cibona)
Follow the announcements and plan your arrival in our area on time.