Say hello to spring IN OZLJA Come… have fun… and strengthen your natural immunity along the way, with real Ozalj, ecologically grown sweet little garlic, TASTING the best from OPG Katarina Meserko: – fresh garlic in olive oil

  • roasted garlic
  • pesto of garlic flower stalks with walnuts
  • black garlic She is accompanied by the Karlovac family farm Slijepčević, whose chokeberry is winning more and more fans outside our region.
    On Saturday 20.03. guests of MILI MALI ČESN PARTY in front of Humicka are La papa, a nice little band consisting of two members: Nikola Dabac-Ninek, ukulelist and vocalist, and Stanislav Kovacic-Stane, cellist-soloist. .Spend Saturday in our area, walk the Paths of Glory Raškaj – a story about water

What Draganić is best known for are certainly the Draganić fishponds, and the Kupa fishponds at the Draganić location offer sport fishing in a beautiful natural environment. On an area of ​​4 ha it is planted with quality fish, such as the famous Draganić carp, pike, catfish, grass carp, silver carp, tench, perch. On the sports pond there is a log cabin with a drink and a toilet.? (photo Digital printing Karlovac)