At the beginning of March 2021, the solution for the visual identity of the logo of the Tourist Board of the Kupa area was selected, which was confirmed by the Tourist Council of the TZP Kupa on March 15, 2021. The author of the solution is Martin Peranović, Master of Design.

“Through research on the Kupa River and the areas it flows through, I couldn’t shake the impression of how rich the visual character of the river itself is. The graphisms of the river inscribed on the topographic maps challenged me to use them just as raw, as the communication language I used to shape my identity. With an experimental approach, I cut out collages of specific river flows and with the technique of simplification and vectorization of shapes, I designed the lettering that I use as a basic visual. The identity exudes a natural spirit, creativity, spontaneity, joy and an invitation to adventure “, explained the author of the new logo.

This award-winning member of the Croatian Design Society and the Croatian Association of Independent Artists was born in 1989 in Otok and lives and works in Zagreb.