Davorin Trstenjak once said: “Whoever was not on Lović Prekriški, did not see the Croatian homeland.” In some past times, this pedagogue visited Lović Prekriški and was impressed by one of the most beautiful views in Croatia.

The Tourist Board of the Kupa area and the Public Institution “Nature Park Žumberak – Samoborsko gorje” invite all nature lovers to join us on Lović Prekriški, in one of 4 terms – 22.05./19.06./10.07./16.10.2021.

We schedule the first gathering on Saturday, May 22, 2021. During the walk along the educational trail “Where the fruit ripens” we will stop at the same lookout point as Mr. Trstenjak and see for yourself the beauty of our homeland. If the weather is really good, the calculations say that we will see up to 40% of Croatian territory (from Novi Zagreb to Klek!). Visitors will be presented with multimedia content in the Visitor Center as well as the offer of local family farms, with catering provided by Restaurant Vivodina.

This walk will mark two important dates in nature protection – May 22, the Day of Nature Protection of the Republic of Croatia and May 24, the European Day of Parks. Namely, Lović Prekriški and its surroundings are part of the Nature Park “Žumberak – Samoborsko gorje”, one of the twelve Croatian nature parks.

The area of ​​the Nature Park “Žumberak – Samoborsko gorje” is protected due to the mosaic landscape. It is a phenomenon that is difficult to experience in one day from one place. However, the lookouts in Lović Prekriški are one of the few locations from which the reason for protecting this area can be understood in just an hour’s walk. The specialty of this landscape are forests, orchards and vineyards arranged in a modern but also traditional way, dry mountain meadows rich in orchids and other rare and protected species and arable land located on hilly terrain. Everything is interwoven with villages and hamlets. From this place you can see Žumberačka gora, Plešivica, Pokuplje and part of the Karlovac area.

Place of departure: Visitor Center Lović Prekriški

Departure times: 11:00 and 13:00 h

Groups of 25 participants will go through a free expert guide along the educational trail, no announcement is required.

The educational trail “Where the fruit ripens” is an undemanding hiking trail 2 km long. The expert guided tour will last about 1 hour.

** Before arrival, download the Lović Prekriški AR application on Google Play

** Location of the Center: https://goo.gl/maps/jdjusfmFcznJqD4a6

** We invite all interested associations and institutions to implement activities in the Center during the year to contact us at the TZP Cup to arrange an appointment.