In cooperation with the Tourist Board of the Cup area, KAMAT Adventure and Restaurant Žganjer, the first Strudel by bike day will be held this year – in the village of strudel, Jaškovo, 08.05.2021. years. After last year’s presentation of the sweetest cycling route in the world in Jaškovo, routes in Vrhovec and Ferenci and Žakanje were traced and set up.

Recall, the strudel as long as 1479.38 meters was made by hardworking members of the community in September 2015 and entered the picturesque village of Jaškovo in the world-famous Guinness Book of Records. Since then, Jaškovo has been an unavoidable place for every strudel lover, and strudel mania on two wheels is now spreading from Jaškovo via Ozalj, Vrhovec and Žakanje all the way to the border with Slovenia.


10:30 am – presentation of 2 new strudels by bike route (with special guest Nevena Rendelli)

10: 00/11: 00/14: 00/15: 00 – Guided strudel by bike route (groups of up to 20 people)

13:00 – Art Appetite – art workshop with homemade strudel

17:00 Stjepan Jimmy Stanić – performance

10:00 – 17:00 Open Day of Family Farm Grdunac / Family Farm Kovač

Bicycle rental – you can join even if you do not own bicycles

Picnic zone – strudel lover, strudel maniac and Karlovac picnic basket

History break…

The Pauline Monastery in Svetice, near Jaškovo, offers a variety of facilities to visitors interested in history, cultural and sacral heritage. Also, monthly spiritual renewals for families are held at Svetice, and there is also an offer of cool souvenirs and a playground and wooden toys for the youngest.

All three tracks were traced by bike blogger Dražen Breitenfeld. Strudel routes abound in places for relaxation, enjoyment and attractive selfies – from macadam, asphalt to flat surfaces – ideal for all ages of cyclists. Meet the untouched rural idyll: along the way you will come across an old mill, wooden bridges, traditional farmhouses, domestic animals, old mansions, lookouts, water springs, pass through rich forests and enjoy along the Dobra and Kupa. Each of the 3 strudels by bike route is specific; the sweetest cycling route in the world includes the most beautiful views and flavors of the unique strudel village Jaškova and the river Dobra, on the route Ozalj – Vrhovac the emphasis is on wine and historical sights of the town of Ozalj, while the route Žakanje and sports activities… All 3 routes are firmly connected by homemade, handmade strudel that can be tasted in 6 selected strudel spot spots.

In Jaškovo, on the route, there is also the famous family farm Kovač, which is engaged in the ecological production of gourds and the breeding of highland Scottish cattle. In their attractive picnic area, taste ecologically produced home-made products from pumpkin, walnuts and hazelnuts – of course, and strudels that combine these ingredients, which were kneaded by housewife Snježana and mother-in-law Marijana. Families with children are especially attracted to ponies, chickens and other domestic animals on the farm.

In the Žganjer restaurant, where homemade strudels have been prepared using the traditional technique since 1974, you can see the Guinness World Record certificate, taste unique combinations of strudel fillings and buy themed strudel souvenirs. On the property of the Žganjer family, in addition to the playground, children can have fun hanging out with a horse, donkey, goats, but also sit in a real carriage.

A little lower, next to Dobra, is the Matin mill of the Grdunac family, with an offer of flour ground into an old stone mill.

On the way from Ozalj to Vrhovec, in Zajačko Selo, there is the family farm of Katarina Meserko, whose brand dear little honest wins more and more awards and sympathy in Croatia and Slovenia. Lovers of organic, organically grown garlic can taste and secure supplies in the traditional way – from black garlic, through delicious pesto or packed in whales, as an irresistible souvenir.

In Vrhovec, the destination is the Peasant household Čulig. The estate of the Čulig, Stjepan and Ankica families, which has seven rooms, a children’s playground and an exciting view of the wine-growing area, has been known for years for its homely atmosphere, food made from local ingredients and Ankica’s strudels, of course. Also for top quality wines, in the pleasant wine cellar is the specially awarded Cabernet Sauvignon. Along the border of the Žumberak Nature Park – Samoborsko gorje you pass on the way to the Štenta family farm in Vrhovec in neighboring Ferenci – the hardworking Štenta family offers homemade juices, honey and creative honey preparations, jams and other homemade products, estates .. Domestic animals can be seen, but even two dear, exotic llamas.

A sweet bike trip to Žakanje, along the river Kupa, begins in Jurovski Brod near the famous restaurant Doris, on the border with Slovenia. With delicious strudels of interesting filling and gastronomic specialties in the Doris Restaurant you will spend pleasant moments with your loved ones. Beekeeping Kolić in Žakanj is engaged in the production of honey and honey products: gingerbread, propolis and pollen. With the obligatory prior announcement, on this family farm you can participate in education in the apiary, experience a real adventure by entering the hive and make your own souvenir – a wax candle, and sweeten the day with forest fruit strudels, chard with garlic, potatoes …

A ride along the Cup on strudels by bike route “Žakanje” is an attractive section, with impressive waterfalls, lots of space for picnics and walks along the Cup, but also a playground for football and basketball. The winding road to the lookout point above Žakanje alternates between forests, hills and hills with vineyards and rural scenes. You will discover the water secrets of our most beautiful river – the Kupa.


In the northwestern area of ​​Karlovac County, since September 2019, the City of Ozalj and the municipalities of Kamanje, Žakanje, Ribnik, Draganić and Lasinja have established the Tourist Board of the Kupa area.

The tourist office is in Ozalj, and contacts are 047 / 731-196, info@tzp-kupa.hr

More info at www.tzp-kupa.hr , Instagram/Facebook profile Visit Kupa