There will be 3 rides in our area, find your place to watch and follow the announcements. Be sure to follow the instructions and arrive on time.
Be only in marked safe zones!
On HRT2 there will be a LIVE inclusion several times, and on you can follow the complete competition – the subscription “All live” is approximately 10 Eur.
The official website and all information / maps / timetables can be found at

❗23.04.2021. Kostanjevac – Petruš Vrh start at 09: 32h and start at 15: 54h
on the route: Kostanjevac – Sošice – Kordići Žumberački – Petruš Vrh
❗23.04.2021. Jaškovo – Mali Modruš Potok start at 10:35 and 16:57
on the route: Jaškovo – Piščetke – Mali Modruš Potok
❗24.04.2021. Krašić – Vrškovac start at 10: 10h and 16: 10h
on the route: Krašić (Zagreb County) – Vrškovac (Karlovac County)

ROAD CLOSURES 23. – 24.04

You already know, in the area of ​​the City of Ozalj – Speed ​​exams are organized: ❗23.04.2021. Kostanjevac – Petruš Vrh start at 09: 32h and start at 15: 54h on the route: Kostanjevac – Sošice – Kordići Žumberački – Petruš Vrh❗23.04.2021. Jaškovo – Mali Modruš Potok start at 10:35 and 16:57 on the route: Jaškovo – Piščetke – Mali Modruš Potok❗24.04.2021. Krašić – Vrškovac start at 10:10 and 16:10 on the route: Krašić (Zagreb County) – Vrškovac (Karlovac County). These roads and all access roads, based on the approval of the Zagreb Police Administration and the Karlovac Police Administration, will be closed to public traffic at the specified time! 🚧🚫.❗️

We ask all citizens who live in the area of ​​the mentioned places or use the roads that will be closed to public traffic for full cooperation in the organization of the competition in such a way that at the stated times: 1. They close all the doors at the entrances to their yards2. Pay special attention to the care of children, making sure that they are under control and safe at all times.3. Pets and pets are kept indoors, so as not to uncontrollably cross the road / street.4. To remove their vehicles from the roads / streets through which the speed test tracks pass.5. If special circumstances occur that require the intervention of emergency services to contact the nearest judge (blue vest) and / or warden (gray vest).

Viewers will be able to watch the broadcast via TV screens and digital platforms, and follow all information and news on the official website and on the official channels on social networks on Facebook – Croatia Rally, Instagram – Croatia Rally, Twitter – Croatia Rally and YouTube channel – Croatia Rally.


On the southern slopes of the Žumberak mountains along the Kupa valley, there is the Ozalj-Vivodina wine road, about 30 km long. A beautiful landscape of gentle slopes and cultivated vineyards with cellars (“houses”) and small cottages will hospitably welcome not only lovers of quality wine, but also every nature lover.
The Vivodina region, with as many as 26 villages and hamlets, has long been known for growing vines. The landscape is overhanging the bell tower of the parish church of St. Lawrence. The exterior, and especially the interior space with valuable inventory, reveals excellent builders and a distinctive construction plan, and this church is one of the most valuable monuments of Baroque architecture in the Ozalj region.

An unavoidable stop on the wine road is certainly the village of Vrhovac.

The biggest basketball star of the first half of the 20th century was the American Croat George Mikan. With the Minneapolis Lakers, he won as many as five NBA titles in seven seasons. Because of it, the downhill rule was introduced, the racket was expanded and the attack limit was limited to 24 seconds! They called him Mr. Basketball, and he died in 2005. George’s grandfather Juraj Mikan was born in Vivodina, and at the beginning of the 20th century, like many others, he went to the USA in search of
a better life …


Everything is ready for the Croatia Rally, and the best rally crews in the world have already started testing the Croatian asphalt. Today’s most famous rally drivers will collect points for the World Rally Championship (WRC) from April 22 to 25 at the Croatia Rally. Croatia is the third stage in this year’s WRC calendar, and will be driven on local roads in Zagreb, Karlovac and Krapina-Zagorje counties and the City of Zagreb.

At a recent press conference, a detailed plan of all upcoming activities as part of a sports spectacle arriving in Croatia for the first time was presented. The plan was presented by Daniel Šaškin, President of the Organizing Committee of Croatia Rally, Davorin Štetner, President of the Croatian Auto and Karting Association, Slaven Dedić, Rally Director of Croatia Rally and Željko Štefanić, Director of Croatia Rally, and supported by Tomislav Družak, State Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism and sports and Milan Pavelić, head of the City Office for Sports and Youth of the City of Zagreb. Also, WRC Director General Jona Siebel addressed the audience with a video message, and the press conference was attended by Krešimir Šamija, Director of the Sports Directorate at the Ministry of Tourism and Sports.

A total of 68 crews have been confirmed for the Croatia Rally, and Croatia will have as many as seven representatives – Niko Pulić, Viliam Prodan, Martin Ravenščak, Krešimir Ravenščak, Ivica Siladić, Mateo Butorac and Željko Magličić. It should be noted that Pulić is registered to compete in the elite, WRC class, while other local representatives will drive in Rally4 vehicles with front-wheel drive.

Experts point out that among the favorites to win the Croatia Rally is the Belgian Thierry Neuville, who has the best asphalt surfaces, and he will fight for the trophy with rally legend and seven-time world champion Sébastien Ogier. His performance was confirmed by Estonian Ott Tänak, who is currently fifth in the overall standings, as well as the biggest surprise this season, the young 20-year-old Finn Kale Rovanperä, who is leading in the overall standings after 4th place in Monte Carlo and 2nd at home in Finland.

You can follow all information and news on the official website as well as on the official channels on social networks on Facebook – Croatia Rally and Instagram – Croatia Rally.


If you plan to spend the next weekend in our area, look for accommodation at the link
We especially emphasize the possibility of additional transport to the facility, which was kindly prepared by the hosts:
HEART OF NATURE SRAKOVČIĆ, Ribnik…/wine-and-walk-vivodina…/221

In the end, so that all participants could peacefully indulge in the pleasures of our wine region, we agreed to cooperate with the company Ambasador Taxi – which has a large fleet of vehicles, from cars, vans to buses that can translate a larger number of people at affordable prices. The taxi service runs throughout the Karlovac County and beyond, and it is necessary to book it in advance to secure your place on time. Taxis can also be booked on 099 321 0 123. Ambassador Taksi is a smart and affordable choice for a carefree weekend.


With the aim of respecting the prescribed epidemiological measures and due to great interest, the premiere of Vivodina Wine & Walk gathering is scheduled for April 17 and 18. the list is completed and closed.
Follow the announcements and news from our region, we are preparing new activities and interesting offers on the Ozalj-Vivodina wine road.


On Tuesday, March 23, 2021. The final conference of the project “Encounter with the river” was held in Karlovac. Through this project, a new tourist infrastructure and facilities were built. NATURA 2000 outdoor interpretation centers have been built and equipped with mobile interpretation centers, multimedia and educational equipment, in three cities of Karlovac County (Karlovac, Ozalj, Ogulin), in which the entire NATURA 2000 area along rivers will be represented locally.

The total value of infrastructure works on the project is HRK 4.5 million, while HRK 2 million was spent on equipping interpretation centers with multimedia and educational equipment.
The contracted value of the project amounted to HRK 9.2 million, while the actual total value of the project after the implementation of all project activities was HRK 8.9 million, of which HRK 7.3 million was co-financed by grants from the European Regional Development Fund, and slightly more than 900,000.00 HRK was co-financed from the Fund for co-financing the implementation of EU projects at the local and regional level.

The final own share of the Beneficiary and partners is 7% of the total value of the project, more precisely the beneficiary and partners have invested slightly more than HRK 620,000.00 in a project worth HRK 8.9 million, which confirms the favorable financial construction of the project for Beneficiaries and partners.
The project holder is Karlovac County, and the partners are the City of Karlovac, the City of Ozalj, the City of Ogulin, JU Natura Viva, JU Regional Development Agency of Karlovac County, the Tourist Board of the City of Ogulin and the Tourist Board of KUPA


Watch the promotional video of the TZP Cup, produced by the great Digital Press Karlovac.
Visit our area, spend as much time in nature as possible

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According to a special program KUD Sv. Juraj Draganić in the spring of 2010. a research was carried out on the preservation of the art of making Draganić turkey (a stalk of perforated branches of autochthonous plants that is carried to the church for blessing on Palm Sunday). During the realization of the program, cooperation was established with the elementary school Draganići and the association Zraka from Draganići … ?
The invested effort resulted in the Decision of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia dated 2 August 2010. by which the ART OF MAKING A TURKEY IN THE AREA OF DRAGANIĆ has the property of an intangible cultural good in the sense of Article 9. Law on Protection and Preservation of Cultural Property. Based on the above solution, the art of making turkeys in the area of ​​Draganić is entered in the Register of Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Croatia

According to the narrators, the origin of the name “PURANAC” is interpreted in two ways:
• according to the hazel flower which is popularly called turkey (which is an integral part of it)
• towards the spread turkey tail (due to the appearance and rich decoration)

Palm Sunday (Draganić = flower or flower week) is the name for the Sunday of the Lord’s Passion when believers remember Jesus’ journey from Bethany to Jerusalem. It is named after a flower branch by which believers instead of an olive or palm branch greet Jesus like the Israelites at the entrance of Jesus into the city of Jerusalem.
The herbs that were brought for blessing, as well as the customs related to them, differ in certain parts of Croatia. Thus, in the area of ​​the Draganić parish, the plants that were brought as a blessing for Palm Sunday were called turkey or turkey. Draganić turkey was made from perforated twigs of hazel, dogwood, dogwood, ivy, limbak, reed, pine, barberry, evergreen, evergreen, etc. The twigs were up to 2 m long. The turkey was made by men (masters and boys) on the Saturday before Cvjetnica or early in the morning on Palm Sunday itself.
Interestingly, most narrators cite an odd number of whips in a turkey (7-15). Care was taken that the thickness of the turkey was adjusted to the size of the fist and the length to the height of the person who would carry it for blessing. Some decorated it with various ribbons or punks, a long pedal that they tied to the tops of the sticks with ordinary knots.
The bigger the turkey, the better and more tuned it was.