Congratulations to all the laureates, and especially to the award won by Mrs. Marija Barić for publishing a report on Ozalj and upper Pokuplje 😍👏

Marija Barić has been a tourist journalist, editor and owner of the HIA – Croatia, Emigration, World portal for many years.

It continuously presents and transmits its own experiences from domestic destinations, mostly undiscovered, authentic, interesting to discover, with special emphasis on the tradition, culture and heritage of the destination.


After last year’s gathering (in Obrež Vivodinski and Lović Prekriško on October 5 and 6, 2019), great changes in our lives caused by the pandemic, as never before – the Art-Scientific Conference Land Art, Earth Art, Earthworks: z Earth and the Anthropocene. It will unite artists and theorists in an in situ event in cooperation with the City of Ozalj and the organization of the Academy of Fine Arts of the University of Zagreb, the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

As the host, the city of Ozalj will provide the best it has – nature, tradition and hospitality.

From 9:30 am in Obrež Vivodinski on Sunday 25.10. will perform land art works:

Ivana Ožetski, Ph.D. fine arts, freelance multimedia artist

Nataša Hrust, B.Sc. graphic designer

Ana Maria Maravić, ALU student

Ivan Mesek prof. fine arts, multimedia artist, director of the City Museum of Varaždin

Tomislav Pletenac, PhD, full professor at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb and external teaching associate at the Academy of Fine Arts

Alen Novoselec, Ph.D. of Fine Arts, multimedia artist, Assoc. ALU OKIRU, Vice Dean for ALU Operations and Project Manager


By including a neglected old school, a chapel, the Kupa River, trees, meadows, the sky, the earth, animals and people of good will – an effort will be made to draw attention to the fundamental values ​​of the survival of all living beings on this Earth.


Again in Ozalj, as part of the 26th Heferer Organ Festival – in the Parish Church of St. Vid 17.10. (Saturday) our celebrated baritone Leon Košavić performs, with Višeslav Jaklin on the organ.

The start is at 6 p.m.

Chestnut Festival Reštovo 18.10.

We love autumn and autumn fruits, especially chestnuts.
We announce that the traditional Chestnut Festival 2020 will be on October 18, as before, at the Church of St. Filip I Jakov in Reštovo.
The program begins with Holy Mass at 1 p.m. Rich content was organized for children (clown, plays, inflatables…) and socializing with the group Šmekeri.

Mushroom week in Karlovac County 02.-12.10.

More details about the program of the 35th Mushroom Week and the offer of mushroom dishes in the restaurants of Karlovac County can be found at the link HERE

Visit Restaurant Žganjer in Jaškovo, Peasant household Čulig in Vrhovec, Heart of Nature in Ribnik or Restaurant Doris in Jurovski Brod and enjoy local, seasonal food

FREE Event ON SATURDAY 12.9. nearby river KUPA


As part of the project “Meeting with the river” on Saturday, September 12, 2020, a program was organized in cooperation with Croatia Open Land Tours DMC from Karlovac

The main goal of the project is to build a new tourist infrastructure which will increase the tourist attractiveness of NATURA 2000 areas and raise public awareness of the importance and preservation of natural heritage.

The project holder is Karlovac County, and the partners are the City of Karlovac, the City of Ozalj, the City of Ogulin, JU Natura Viva, JU Regional Development Agency of Karlovac County, the Tourist Board of the City of Ogulin and the Tourist Board of KUPA.

On Saturday, 12.9. see you in Ozalj, on the renovated beach near the Beach bar “Old town” and Ozalj marina.

From 10 am to 5 pm, all visitors can expect a free rowing school and safe behavior on the water in NATURE 2000 protected areas on SUPs and mini rafts, under the guidance of professional skippers.

From 5 pm to 6 pm, you can go down the Kupa in raft boats.

See you on Saturday in Ozalj, let’s say goodbye to summer together!

Program Štrudlafesta 2020

Look for delicious flavors throughout Karlovac County. At StrudelFest you 04-13.09. expect:

· Gastro workshops

· Art Apetit

· Strudel by bike

· Štrudlazz

· Karlovac County Strudel Week

· trudlaFest Piknik

· Nikola Faller and making a giant straw sculpture

· Free strudels with tickets to attractions (Ozalj Homeland Museum, Karlovac City Museum, Barać Caves, Old Town Dubovac)

· Workshop in the Aquatika Freshwater Aquarium

· On weekends: offer of local products at the stands in Jaškovo – strudel village

Choose your winning combination. Combine strudels and great activities that we have prepared for you and discover the beauties of Karlovac County.

You can download the ŠTRUDLAFEST 2020 program HERE.

See the offer of strudels in restaurants throughout Karlovac County HERE.

NOTE: All programs are implemented in compliance with the recommended epidemiological measures


From the event “From Jaškovo to the world… strudel for Guinness” to the traditional StrudelFest in the strudel village Jaškovo and this year will host many visitors to the 5th strudel festival from 4 to 13 September, this year throughout Karlovac County.

Due to the coronary virus pandemic and epidemiologically prescribed measures, StrudelFest will be held according to a slightly different concept. Restaurants throughout Karlovac County are preparing a great offer of strudels for visitors at promotional prices during the Strudel Week. Along with strudels, this year’s program also brings a number of workshops – art, gastro, bike tours.

Part of the offer this year will be ŠtrudlaFest picnic, which delighted visitors to last year’s strudel festival, so again all those interested will have access to special packages of picnic baskets with which they can go exploring Jaškovo and the fairytale Ozalj region.

In addition to the gastronomic story during Štrudlafest, the City of Ozalj as the host will be the center of cultural events with an exhibition and jazz concert in the Ethno Park, and will include Karlovac Aquatika freshwater aquarium, which will prepare a special offer for its visitors.

More about the program at

Following SLAVA RAŠKAJ traces 29.08.

“Tesla’s light in the footsteps of Slava Raškaj” is a cultural and tourist product that integrates cultural and historical heritage with tourist eno-gastronomic offer within the local community with the aim of branding and positioning Ozalj on the tourist map of Croatia and Europe – Ozalj is the first city in Croatia located on the Impressionism Route of the Council of Europe, precisely because of the heritage of Slava Raškaj. The goal of this route is to connect the cultural heritage of Ozalj (Old Town of Ozalj, Ozalj Homeland Museum, Munjara, Ethno Park Ozalj, Church of St. Vitus) with the work and life of Slava Raškaj – a walk through Ozalj and a tour of the original places where Slava Raškaj created, with interpretation and presentation. Visitors pass through the Kupa Valley of Light and Water, whose resources Nikola Tesla himself wanted to shape and restrain, and his patents were ultimately used in “Munjara grada Karlovac”, a masterpiece of Neo-Renaissance construction by Hermann Bolle and Valerian Rieszner. At the end of the route, visitors were presented and offered dishes based on energy values ​​advocated by Tesla himself, and in line with the historical and eno-gastronomic offer of the region (Katarina Zrinska cake, walnut and grape strudels …). This route will be an overture to the magical Strudel Week in Karlovac County 2020.

The route includes a tour: Ozalj Ethno Park – HPP Munjara (city beach, bridge over the Kupa) – Emili Laszowski promenade – Church of St. Vitus and the tomb of Slava Raškaj – Ozalj Old Town and Ozalj Homeland Museum

Price – 30 kn / person includes professional guidance and a ticket to the Ozalj Homeland Museum (payment upon arrival)

Departure – in the Ethno Park Ozalj from 9:30 am

Duration – 2 hours

Catering – Restaurant Žganjer

Send confirmation of arrival by e-mail

Cycloturist infrastructure

With the funds provided by Karlovac County in the tender of the Ministry of Tourism “Program for the development of public tourist infrastructure in 2019.” We received 2 new cycling tourist resorts and info-boards at the location of Svetica and at the Community Center in Levkušje. 🥇

After the already set rest areas in Jaškovo and the info-board in the villages of Trg and Vrhovec, and the bicycle counters near the Old Town in Ozalj, we got new facilities for all visitors on bicycles. We are looking forward to the continued development of cycling tourism infrastructure and better quality facilities on bicycle routes, ie roads and paths in the area of ​​the City of Ozalj.

We remind you that we recently promoted the Strudel Route in Jaškovo…