Culture church st. Vida

Rich sacral heritage

Today is celebrated the feast of St. Vida, the patron saint of the town of Ozalj, to whom the parish church in the Ozalj area of ​​Kaptol is also dedicated. Sv. Vision is revered as the protector of eyes and sight, pharmacists, actors, he is prayed for protection from thunder, storms, fire… Therefore, the churches of Sts. Vida usually built on the hills, from where Sv. Sight “sees everything”.
Baroque Church of St. Vida was first mentioned in 1349, and was restored in 1668. The single-nave building with a rectangular base at the source is a Romanesque church with a rounded sanctuary and bell tower, and a zero-category cultural asset is protected.
Along with beautiful stained glass windows and a stone altar shrine to the Mother of God, a special value is the church organ made by Josef Brandl in 1908, and restored in 1997 by the Heferer Art Workshop – the first Croatian organ, harmony and piano workshop. For 21 years, classical music concerts have been held here in September as part of the “Heferer Organ” cycle.
In the churchyard is the last resting place of the painter Slava Raškaj and the Croatian ban Nikola Tomašić, born near Ozalj. On the front of the church you can see a memorial plaque to the famous linguist Ivan Belostenac who worked in Ozalj and wrote a three-syllable Croatian-Latin dictionary.

ŽUPA SV. VIDA (vlč. Josip Jakovčić)
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