Culture Etno park Ozalj

cultural-historical monument

Only 1 km from the center of Ozalj is a picturesque Etno park. In the “open-air museum” the traditional architecture and the pre-industrial objects of everyday life are presented.

In a free space under expert guidance and supervision, there is a collection consisting of residential and commercial buildings, low-rise interiors, kitchens and storages with authentic inventory. The roofs of the house are covered with the straw from the so-called. “Scissors” and typical construction of wooded wooden beams with the so-called ” “The wolves of Croatia” and testify to ever-lesser examples of traditional countryside construction.

It is necessary to announce the arrival at the Ozalj Zavičajni muzej.

Etno park Ozalj
Street: Milana Heraka 4

47 280 Ozalj

Tel.: 047/732-271
Mob.: 098/951-4755 director and curator Stjepan Bezjak
091/528-8725 documentarist Miroslav Razum