Culture Jalba

traditional knitting art

Jalba is the name for the hat that was worn by a married woman in the village of Square and in the villages along the Kupa between Ozalj and Karlovac. Still today, they are made by archaic technique on the “harness”, ie the frame of the gate made of the bushy and bent yarns of branches branched into the yard. Special ornaments and names of certain ornaments and the use of the seventies counting system nor the basics, are peculiarities that point to the old-Slavic origin of the way of making jalas. With just knitting the fingers, the desired motifs are obtained, and with one knitting, two laces are knit together. The women from the Square wore the jalba on the horns – the wooden bolts to which the jade was put and all covered with hams.

The traditional craftsmanship of knitting has a feature of the immaterial cultural heritage of the Republic of Croatia.

The bearer of the tradition of knitting embrace is KUD “Ključ” from town named Trg, and besides them, the Ucenjska Cooperative is also responsible for the popularization of the „Kotačac“ and OŠ „Slava Raškaj“ group.