Culture Monastery and church Svetice

Rich sacral heritage

The saints bear the name of the three chapels dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Holy Margaret and St. Catherine.

The first part of the monastery and the church was built in 1627, when they flee to the Turks the Pauline from Kamensky arrived in Svetice. It was completed in 1660 with the great merit of the first and longstanding prize of. Ivan Belostenac, a renowned lexicographer and writer. Under the roof of the monastery there was a magnificent three-story dictionary called Gasophylatium.

With the dedication of the scientists and with the inspiration of the poet, Ivan Belostenec has been collecting for a number of decades and stored in his treasures the mild Croatian language diversity.

Of the exceptionally valuable inventory of the Gothic, later baroque church, the hand-carved choir bench is particularly emphasized. The altars – the main and the parish, the pulpit, the organ, church utensils and suits, and statues and paintings – are the invaluable legacy of famous and unknown Pauline artists. As we walk through the church, attracted by the lavishly carved and glittering main altar, we seem to list the pages of richly illustrated art history from the mid-17th to the late 18th century.

The best works were left by the famous Pauline painters Ivan Ranger and Gabriel Taller. The parish dates from 1779. The parish church in Svetice is located in Svetić Hrašće, 5 kilometers away from the monastery of Svetice. There it was in the 17th century. a chapel dedicated to St. John the Baptist.

The saints are the place of the anniversary celebration of the martyr death of Fr. Janez Strašek, a Slovenian lazarist, who was killed as a pastor in 1947 by communists in a nearby forest.

Also, there are monthly spiritual rejuvenations for families in Svetice, a manifestation called the “Holy Saturday”.

Every first Saturday in the month all day ecumenical prayer meetings are held here, and the Pauline Monastery also serves as a home for spiritual exercises, capacity up to 50 people. Once a year, in September, there was also organized the Prayer Assembly for the Unborn, gathering several thousand believers. In the courtyard of the monastery was made the cross road and the rosary, and the cave-chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes.

In the monastery basement there is a Chapel of Little Jesus, where prayers come to be desired spouses of children as well as pregnant women and single mothers. For them a few kilometers from the church was built the house “Heart of Mary”, where there are currently 4 single mothers and eight children.

Blessed Virgin Mary Parish (vlč. Marko Glogović)
Address: Svetice 5
Telephone: 047/745-378