The project of identifying and revitalizing the autochthonous grape varieties of Ozaljsko-Vojvodina vineyards in numerous still preserved centuries-old vineyards has recorded a large number of old almost finished species. Six new, genetically unique (autochthonous) herbs unique to this vineyard and several extremely rare varieties of interest for further research have been identified by genetic analysis.

The large variety of varieties in the research area was confirmed by a review of historical documents mostly from the middle of the 19th century, whereas the oldest is even Gazophylacium, Ivana Belostenac from 1740. Autochthonous varieties were confirmed in the area of ​​Vrhovec, Vivodina, Fratrovac of Ozalj and Svetić Hrašća.

With this result Ozalj-Vivodina wine-growing is one of the varieties of the richest vineyards in the continental part of Croatia. As a pledge for the future of wine producers and the entire Ozalj region, it is possible to offer its uniqueness and recognition on the market through the offer of autochthonous wines.