KUD Katarina Zrinski Ozalj

33 active and 35 assisting adult members and 8 children

The Cultural Art Society “Katarina Zrinski” Ozalj was founded on April 30, 2009, with the basic aim of developing cultural-artistic and creative activities through its activities.

KUD’s activities are: helping older and disabled people through volunteer work on improving the quality of life through a cultural and entertaining program, participation in events and shows and on charitable, economic and competitive events, costumes of Catherine Zrinski and Petar Zrinski and other court costumes the revival of the folklore heritage of the Ozalj region from the end of the 17th and the beginning of the 18th century, the making of handicrafts and communal decorations for church holidays, the preparation of specialties of traditional local cuisine, organization of excursions, exhibitions, lectures and other creative gatherings.

KUD counts 33 active and 35 assisting adult members and 8 children.


These activities are realized through four sections: drama-literary, folkloric, singing and masked groups and folk orchestra.

A children’s and adult folklore group is dancing at the dances.

The members of the acting group filmed the film “Lamination and puffing maize”, and performed numerous plays.

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