KUD Vivodina

20 active members

Vivodina Cultural and Art Society was founded in spring 2003 with the aim of preserving the cultural heritage of the Vojvodina region. The foundation was very enthusiastic and the society had some fifty members, while today it is gathering about twenty active adult members, most of whom are up to 30 years old, also twenty supporters or passive members.

For the third term in a row, the president of the company is Lovro Vrbos and the vice president Vlado Furjanić.

From the very beginning, the Artistic Director of the CDU was Marijan Sudac, who was also a musician for some time. Cena Majcunić is replaced by that position, and her new hope, Kristina Ferko.

In the years that existed, KUD Vivodina reconstructed male and female costumes according to old records, as they remained very little in their heritage. Also, children’s costumes have been reconstructed. In addition to costume, some old customs have been renewed to tell our old people. The main task of the society is to bring young people together and to build their love and respect for the tradition and legacy of our ancestors, and to nurture songs, dances and customs of the predominantly Vivodina region as well as throughout Croatia. With this intent, we have been working for a few years to renovate the old house in Varaštovac, which we want to transform into an ethnical house.

His first performance at KUD Vivodina was performed in Vivodina in 2003 for the 160th anniversary of Vivodina’s celebration. Since then, they have performed throughout our beautiful – Donji Miholjac, Pazin, Đakovo, Zagreb, Nedelišće, Strošincima, Adamovec, Čepinski Martincima and elsewhere, Ogulin, Karlovac, Ozalj, Vrhovac, Velika Jelsa, General Stole etc and across the ocean far to Canada, where they performed for many Croatian emigrants.

Since 2006, the company organizes a one-day event “Autumn in Vivodina” and “Christmas Concert” when welcoming numerous cultural-artistic societies and thus striving to enrich the cultural and social life of this area.

Traditionally each year, with their performance, they enrich the opening of the “Wine Day” in Vivodina and participate in the celebrations of St. Vinka.

What is most proud is the child section that has existed for three years, but has tripled over the last year. The section counts 20,000 of pre-school and elementary school age, but this number is slowly increasing. Although very young in existence, the section had a dozen performances, such as: The Days of Wine on Vivodina, the Children’s Folklore Festival in Lukovdol, the Children’s Folklore Festival in Karlovac, Ozlje and elsewhere. Also, the section regularly performs at the manifestation Autumn in Vivodina, organized by KUD Vivodina. Despite the small number of members, the section tries to bring together our youngest children and to build their love and respect for the inheritance and tradition of our ancestors, which succeeds through the quality performances of the aforementioned events. Children through different games, songs and dances learn about the traditions of their ancestors and learn about their way of life and at the same time establish contact with peers within our hinterland and beyond. First dance lessons have been learned from the head of Marijan Sudac the day was succeeded by Ana Brajković and Ivana Guštin.

Most of the band changed the music setting due to the lack of tambura section, but today members of KUD can say that they have a small but steady composition that receives a lot of praise, made by Mirko Galez, Denis Mihalic, Josip Mihalic and Kristina Ferko.

In 2013, the company celebrated the 10th anniversary of its existence on 24 August in Vivodina, and on that occasion performed choreographies of Split, Međimurje and Lika, together with traditional choreography of Vivodina. The children’s section also featured on the anniversary, as well as guests.