KUD Vrhovac

over 400 performances

KUD Vrhovac was founded in 2000 with the aim of preserving folk customs and cultural heritage of its region. It has 40 active members who work in 4 sections: folklore, singing, folk orchestra and drama and literature. KUD Vrhovac also has a children’s section with 12 members from 3 to 15 years old. The Vrhovac Cultural and Artistic Association is the founder and for 12 years the organizer of the “Old Village Games” event, which is traditionally held on the third weekend in July. In addition to the Old Village Games, Christmas and Lent concerts are also traditionally organized.

The company has so far held over 400 performances in the country and abroad, of which the most significant performances are in Poland, the Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Austria; performances at festivals in Voloder, Pleternica, Batrina, Letovanić, Slavonski Brod, Ogulin.

In 2009, the company was a representative of Karlovac County at the 44th Vinkovci Autumns. The company won the public recognition of the city of Ozalj for its contribution and preservation of the cultural heritage of its region.

In 2010, we marked the 10th anniversary of our existence by releasing a CD called “Da sam bećarica” ​​and a gala concert.

The president of the Society is Marko Guštin, and the expert leader is Marijan Sudac.

The leader of the children’s group is Vesna Kolar.

KUD Vrhovac

address: Vrhovac bb, 47280 Ozalj
email: kud.vrhovac@gmail.com

mob: 099/677-6136
email: gustinmarko@yahoo.com

Secretary: IVA BAKARIĆ
mob: 091/525-5525
email: ibakaric@gmail.com

Professional leader: MARIJAN SUDAC
Head of the children’s section: VESNA KOLAR