Ecological Family Farming LOVRO KRNIĆ

The Krnić family has been dealing with bee-keeping and honey production for many years. Due to the great attention paid to the production of honey and nursing bees, honey from this farm is without chemical additives and heavy metals, which is achieved exclusively by the use of natural and organic acids for the treatment of bees and the cleaning of bees. For this reason, OPG Krnić has the right to use the “Ecological Product of Croatia” sign, which can be obtained only by those who meet the very strict conditions of production. In production and care of bees in this farm, there is tremendous experience, knowledge and enthusiasm. Lovro Krnić is also the author of the book “Ecological Beekeeping” in which he brings the advice and experience of one of the first ecological beekeepers in Croatia.
Want to find out more about honey and other products, take a look at the bee, get acquainted with the bee’s life and find out how to make honey and taste delicious berries and interesting tastes of different types of honey? Be sure to visit Honey House! Kind and dear hosts will tell you a story that can be done well to everyone: bees, the environment, and consumers, and how much time, work, and love need to be poured into every drop of eco-labeled honey.

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